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Encore by ACTSOFT

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Encore by ACTSOFT

Since 1999, Actsoft’s Mobile Resource Management (MRM) solutions have evolved from simple courier software to a very specialized, yet easy-to-use combination of wireless and GPS technology that provides an incredible array of data collection and management tools, wireless forms, tailored to virtually every industry with employees in the field. No matter the size of your business, or which wireless carrier you prefer, our software is compatible.

Every day Actsoft’s Encore, Comet EZ, Comet Tracker and Comet Mobile Worker power thousands of businesses in support of tens of thousands of wireless users. Our product suite has proven to be an overwhelming success, and our customer service is award-winning, making us an undisputed leader in the MRM industry


Abbey Road Home Care Services is a private health service provider that offers one-on-one home care and case management services in the greater Boston area, specializing particularly in elderly care.


With at-home care services, many of Abbey Road Home Care's employees are frequently out of the office, making regular patient house calls. The company needed a way to make sure its staff was where they were supposed to be and that the amount of time reported with each patient was accurate.


For Abbey Road Home Care, Encore was the right answer to fulfill their business needs. The GPS functionality of the software lets them know where their staff is at any time during business hours. Plus, they integrated the timekeeping feature to record workers' hours to feed directly into their payroll.


With Encore in place, Abbey Road Home Care was able to increase their efficiency by roughly 50 percent. The ability to track their mobile staff helped the company sort out the employees that weren't fulfilling their responsibilities, or who may have been misreporting information. It also helped them quickly address and resolve client complaints, particularly customers reporting that no-one showed up to their residence to provide care. The tools gave Abbey Road Home Care the ability to definitively determine whether the home-care specialist arrived as intended, see just how long they were there, and even give customers a status update if the employee is en route.

On top of that, an official record of workers' times spent with clients is fed directly into the company's payroll software. So, not only is the payment guaranteed to be accurate based on services rendered, but the time spent processing payroll hours was reduced, awarding them a significant financial savings each month.

To learn more about how Encore by ACTSOFT can increase efficiency and help prevent misreporting today while meeting the needs of Electronic Visit Verification in the future CLICK HERE.


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