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Meet regulatory compliance requirements with CheckMate

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Meet regulatory compliance requirements with CheckMate

Each rehab practice has different needs, and regulatory compliance requirements are constantly changing. In the ever-evolving environment, providers need a partner in their corner that understands the ins and outs of the rehab industry. With a staff that has more than 25 years of combined experience in the rehab industry, CheckMate Compliance Solutions has been providing solutions to rehab providers that allow them to stay in compliance and improve operations. Our staff features knowledgeable specialists who understand each aspect of running a practice, from patient interaction and compliance, to managed IT services and financial consultants.

Our Company had been conducting audits using a paper checklist, manually computing scores and entering results into a Microsoft Excel worksheet. This audit method was very time consuming and inefficient for both the reviewer and the clerical staff involved in data entry. The output data was less-than-effective, producing confusing and non-definitive results. We were looking for a more effective, time-efficient and green way to collect, scrub and store our documentation review data while providing our company and therapists with more substantive information.

The process began with our CEO, Compliance staff and an IT Programmer. A proof-of-concept was initiated to address an electronic version of our paper checklist system that would evolve into a meaningful documentation scoring system. The result of our efforts produced an electronic Chart Review application that promotes a more effective, efficient audit tool.

The software is customizable to meet the documentation needs and requirements of virtually any payer. It also allows for modification of the risk scoring values to satisfy our company’s documentation risk appetite requirements based on our risk analysis. The summary reporting section identifies strengths and weaknesses of the various sections of the review as well as an overall score. This scoring system helps to identify those areas a therapist needs to improve, where they excel and produces a progression chart to monitor these scores over time. The data collected does not contain PHI and is stored in the cloud for ease of accessibility from virtually anywhere.

In summary, Checkmate saves time and produces meaningful output data that can be used as an educational tool for therapists to aid them in producing the highest quality documentation.

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