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Profiles in Leadership—Bob Kroll

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Welcome to another edition of Profiles in Leadership! In today’s show, Steve Anderson, PT, DPT, sits down with Bob Kroll, PT, VP of Business Development for VGM Advantage and the HOMELINK Therapy Network. Bob earned his BS in Physical Therapy from University of Wisconsin-Madison, and went on co-found and own several PPS businesses, including Industrial Services Network and Return to Work and Sports Center, Inc. He has more than 30 years of clinical experience managing work-related injuries.

Their discussion has such tidbit as:

  • What VGM Advantage is and why it’s unique in the realm of PPS business services
  • The best way to reach your referral sources.
  • How group purchases work—and how they can save PPS businesses up to 30%!
  • What Care Connections is—and how it can enable payers to continue covering therapy even after you’re at the end of your authorized visits.
  • A needs-based referral model versus a financial-based one.
  • VGM Advantage’s relationship with payers and insurance companies—and what it means for you!

Thank-you for tuning into this segment of Profiles in Leadership! Look for the next interview Steve Anderson conducts with industry leaders and what Pearls of Wisdom they have to offer from their years of experience. VGM Advantage is proud to sponsor these talks, and is here for your physical therapy business as you look to growsaveevolvesecure and collaborate.



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