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TRUE PRACTICE MANAGEMENT for physical therapy

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TRUE PRACTICE MANAGEMENT for physical therapy

Designed by physical therapy operators using the latest in cloud computing and mobile technologies, the Practice Dashboard system is a powerful repository of clinical and business data, featuring elegant displays of real-time metrics in dashboard and table form, with sophisticated decision-support tools that promote informed choices across all corporate organization levels, spanning frontline staff through to executive leaders. Customizable, precise, and powerful, Practice Dashboard seamlessly presents your data, your way, how and when you need it, empowering decision makers and promoting sustained business growth.

 Like any great product, Practice Dashboard began with a few simple questions: Which metrics are needed to run a successful physical therapy business, how does one access them, and once obtained, how should one respond to changes and trends over time? While the questions themselves may appear obvious, obtaining adequate answers can often prove far more vexing due to a host of challenges, including processing disparate and incomplete data sets, paying for incompatible systems designed to compete rather than integrate, and at times being overwhelmed by the sheer volume of data available, much of which is inconsequential to a business owner. Having contended with these issues while successfully running a physical therapy business, Ben Sharpe set forward to design a software solution, with the needs of his fellow operators always at the forefront.

Eight years and countless iterations later, Practice Dashboard was released to the market as an advanced SaaS tool that incorporates business intelligence, mobile technology, and cloud computing, all cohesively engineered to meet the needs of a growing user base. And what started out as a humble analytics tool has since evolved into a comprehensive business hub that spans a myriad of workflows, including referral management, patient relationship tracking, supply ordering, real estate management, and employee performance tracking. These advancements evolved as a natural consequence of Practice Dashboard’s design methodology, which emphasizes customer feedback and a strong desire to integrate with outside systems as the driving forces for all business decisions.

Practice Dashboard has successfully transitioned from concept, to product, to company by adhering to the following core principles:

Access: Ensure that every client’s most actionable and impactful data is always readily available for review and no more than a few clicks away.

Savings: Drive profitability by organizing and quantifying key financial metrics via our centralized product ordering system.

Integration: Centralize workflows and processes across different systems, locations, workflows, and roles.

Relationships: Maximize and maintain value derived from referring physician relationships, marketing team visits, etc.

Efficiency: Reduce the administrative burden associated with complex data analysis across all staff levels, including practice leadership, saving time and money.

Quality: Improve patient outcomes and experiences by processing and reacting to quality and customer satisfaction metrics within the social media landscape.

Goal Setting: Set, track, and measure goals across individuals, clinics, and the entire company.

And we’re extremely proud to share that our largest and longest running customer, RET Physical Therapy, has reported six-figure annual staff savings, along with 10-20% increases in visits, evals, and referrals since adopting our tool. As Brenda Leviton, RET’s Clinic Operations Manager kindly states, “Practice Dashboard saves us time, money, and effort by ensuring that our most important data is always at hand.”  

As we continue to grow and enhance our business, ever expanding into new workflows via innovative technology, the Practice Dashboard team eagerly awaits your business, along with the relationships and feedback that it brings.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions, and remember, as the old adage goes, practice makes perfect, and Practice Dashboard makes your business perfect!

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