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3 Reasons Why PT Clinics Experience Communication Breakdown

3 Reasons Why PT Clinics Experience Communication Breakdown

Posted On: April 1, 2018 by VGMInsBlogger

Posted in: Therapy Practice

When a physical therapy clinic experiences a breakdown in communication between team members, it can affect everything from your bottom line to the quality of patient care. Today, VGM Advantage looks at three reasons why inner-clinical communications fail and how you can overcome it. No time for charting. Since charting isn’t a part of billable hours, physical therapists tend to skimp on the information when documenting patient visits. This is especially true in clinics where there’s an emphasis on high productivity. When your profit margin is suffering, it’s only natural to push for more billable hours. However, in the end, this can ultimately harm your business. If your PTs don’t feel that they have the time to properly document patient visits, this can lead to miscommunication or a misunderstanding among other staff members when it comes time to interact with the patient.   Rapid expansion.  Physical therapy as a profession is undergoing...

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