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Buying Exercise Equipment on a Shoestring Budget

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Buying Exercise Equipment on a Shoestring Budget

As the owner of an independent physical therapy practice, you have many budgetary concerns on your mind. So when it comes to upgrading your exercise equipment, you may find yourself internally groaning when it comes to just one more expense to hit your bottom line. That’s why VGM Advantage is here with three ways to buy exercise equipment, even on a shoestring budget:


1. Focus on the small things.

It’s easy to get caught up in creating an amazing exercise plan that involves fancy equipment. Keep in mind, though, that your patient likely will not have access to that equipment when they go home. Even if they join a gym, the act of physically leaving their house could be a barrier to them sticking to their plan. In addition to using traditional equipment, developing and progressing an in-clinic exercise program using simple tools like resistance bands and sports cords, you can provide a cost conscious exercise alternative and be aiding your patient to be more compliant with their home exercise program, resulting in better in recovery.


2. Join a buying group.

Another way to save money on equipment is to join a buying group. These groups combine the purchasing power of many practices, just like yours, to obtain pricing from quality vendors, which means you receive a discount. These vendors sell the equipment to clinics at this discounted price, which means savings for you. Superior Medical Equipment (better known as SME), is one such example.


3. Rent or lease equipment.

This option can be great for those who are still building their therapy businesses. It allows you to still have equipment on hand without having to take out additional loans to buy it. By the time the lease agreement is up, you will hopefully have built enough capital that you can look at investing into larger equipment.


At VGM Advantage, our mission is to help independent therapy practices thrive. We have access to a variety of goods and services that can give you the same sort of competitive advantage that may not otherwise be available to you. If you’re attending the PPS Conference this week, why not stop by booth #419 and chat with us? We’d love to find ways to save your business time, money and resources.


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