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How Cybersecurity Can Save You Money

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How Cybersecurity Can Save You Money

You most likely chose to enter the health care industry for one major reason: to help people. As a therapist in a private practice, you have acquired a significant amount of patient information. Consequently, your business holds information that is more valuable to cybercriminals than stolen credit card information.

Health care is now one of the top targets of hackers, and with that, comes a responsibility to care for your patients’ data security like never before. Security breaches can result in you spending a significant amount out of your time away from your patients, not to mention costing you thousands of dollars. Here are the major reasons why investing in cybersecurity can save you money.


Operational Downtime

Most hacks happen because an employee is careless. Taking the time to educate your employees on how to stop breaches before they happen will save you time and money in the future. Simply opening a wrong email can cost your business thousands of dollars. Breaches take an average of 201 days to recover from, which can impede your daily business operations, interfering with your time to treat patients. Investing in workforce security training is not only beneficial for your private practice, but all of your patients. When you have educated employees, you have protected patients.



Your patients are trusting you not only with their health, but personal information. Clients are less forgiving of security breaches in health care than other industries. Because of the criminal attraction to Protected Health Information, cybercrime is a real threat to hospitals and private practices alike. However, those in the private practice don't always have the resources to commit to the same protection that large organizations use.

This is why it is important to partner with the experts in cybersecurity to deliver a detailed protection plan for your specific business risks. Trust is what keeps patients returning to your care. Your security plan is an investment in maintaining and growing your clientele. Breaches in health care can cost an average of $141 per record stolen according to a study done by the Ponemon Institute. This cost of a breach is substantially more than the investment in cybersecurity.

No one is immune to threats, but you and your patients can sleep better at night knowing you are taking the necessary steps to protect private information. Not only can we help protect your information, VGM Advantage can get you discounts on your Microsoft licenses and on hardware. Don’t leave your business vulnerable—see SecureTech Solutions to protect your digital assets.


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