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Speeding Up Recovery In Athletes

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Laura Rocks

Swift recovery of a sports-related injury is often dependent on the help of a skilled physical therapist. By understanding the biomechanics of an injury, identifying weakness and inflexibility and establishing a targeted treatment plan to address resolution of the injury, the PT can assist the athlete return to their previous level of functioning as quickly as possible. As a PT, you also have the ability to provide your patient with resources they can use outside of the clinic to help them get back in the game!


Bracing and Compression Therapy

As you likely know, bracing and compression therapy can aid in reducing swelling, improving overall circulation in the injured extremities, as well as supporting instabilities. These products may make a dramatic difference in recovery time. Physical therapists play an important role in choosing the right one for each patient.

Products from companies like BioSkin can provide a snug but comfortable fit that moves with the body. You want to look for materials that that won’t slip as the athlete returns to training and can endure excessive sweat and stretch.


Topical Agents

As you help your patients strengthen and recover, it is helpful to provide them with pain relief options at home. They are going to be putting stress on the muscles through therapy and will likely want relief from something other than a strong drug with side effects. A topical agent may just be the thing for them.

Creams like Topricin have helped many athletes alleviate pain and inflammation. They can not only provide a better alternative to medication, but are easy to apply and can be used as often as needed.


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