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The Perfect Gifts to Give the PTs on Staff

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Laura Smith is Awesome

You’re about to wrap up the last of your holiday shopping, with the exception of your wonderful staff. They give their kindness and attention to others daily, so you’ve really been wanting to find something special that puts a smile on their face as they do to their patients, every day. We have come up with a list of fun physical therapy themed items you can give to your staff this holiday season.

1. Badge Holder

They wear this everyday, so why not get them some fun ones to match their personalities? You can get many different themed ones online. We suggest getting a different one for each PT, so they can tell you have put thought into their gift. A fun badge holder may also put a smile on the patients’ faces!

2. Fleece Blanket

Who doesn’t love wrapping up in a soft blanket at the end of a winter workday? You can get the blanket personalized with the name of your office or the name of the PT. This takes a common gift a step further by specializing it uniquely to physical therapists.

3. Travel Mug

They are on their feet all day, rushing back and forth to different locations. A travel mug is a great holiday gift for anyone, but having it personalized with the name of your facility will be a gift that they will want to take everywhere with them. They are likely proud of the work they do and would love to broadcast it on their travels.

4. Books

Hopefully, your PT staff is passionate about the profession. If any of them are also readers, you may consider getting them a book about the newest treatments in the field. This is probably not something anyone else would consider getting for them and writing a nice appreciation note to them at the front of the book will put a smile on their face.

5. Anatomy-Themed Items

Of course those of us in the medical field love anatomy, so why not buy them an anatomy-themed gift? By this, we don’t mean going and buying a fake organ. But, a hip t-shirt or coffee mug with anatomical symbols is a gift that not many others would appreciate like they would!

6. Lotion

It’s the dry season and your PTs are using their hands every day. With frequent washing and use, hands can become dry and cracked. Lotion would be a practical gift that can be themed with wintery scents for the holiday season.

7. Some Green

We don’t necessarily mean a paycheck, although they probably deserve a holiday bonus. What we mean is a potted plant, such as a succulent to brighten up the office. It’s the time of year when everything is somewhat colorless, so give them some life with greenery!

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