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Top Perks of Being in Private Practice

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The Top 8 Perks of Being in Private Practice


 We know how difficult-- and rewarding-- it can be to be in a physical therapy practice. Since we’re going to be at the PPS Conference next month, we thought we would take a moment and talk about some of the top perks of owning your own physical therapy practice:


1. Make Your Own Schedule

Flexibility is not always an option when working in a hospital setting. As an employee, you may be at the mercy of your department’s or facility’s schedule. Therapists who have their own practice have more ability to determine a schedule that will not only meet the needs of their patients but can provide some personal flexibility as well. Want to see patients after normal hours? You can now do that. Want to get Friday afternoon off to get a jump-start on the weekend? You may be able to do that as well. This allows for a work-life balance that isn’t always guaranteed in a large facility.


2.  Make the Space Your Own

While this isn’t a deciding factor in opening up your own business, a perk is deciding what environment you would like the space to become. You have the choice of colors, background music and therapy specializations. The ability to make your practice feel intimate, comfortable and reflective of your therapeutic beliefs is incredibly valuable.  


3. Great Profit Potential

A higher income certainly isn’t guaranteed. Owning a practice can present with many challenges. With the proper business support, lots of hard work and sound fiscal management, there is much greater potential for financial reward for both you and your employees.


4. Entrepreneurial Choice

If there is an area of expertise that you want to specialize in, you have the option to make it happen! You have the choice to concentrate on what you are most passionate about, thus making your chances of success that much greater. This autonomy to flex your business acumen muscle is appealing!


5. Educational Choice

In larger facilities or hospitals, you may have less flexibility to concentrate on areas of study that you have the most interest in. As the owner of your own practice, you have more ability to put resources toward take educational opportunities that most appeal to you and your clinical interests!


6. Surround Yourself With The Right Team

As a practice owner, you have the ability to hire individuals that have the drive and skills necessary  to help you realize the vision of your business. When you have a strong and synergized team, both you and your employees have a better chance of achieving both personal and professional satisfaction.


7. Improved Patient Care

As a healthcare professional, your main motivation is providing quality care to your patients. One struggle of working in a large facility can be the pressure to follow facility treatment protocols and productivity standards. In private practice, you are able to choose to devote more attention to each patient. You have the ability to ensure your standards of care are met, providing a meaningful therapy experience to those trusting you with their health.


Achieving the rewards of owning a practice requires meeting the many challenges that present themselves. Being able to tap into the wealth of knowledge and support that is available through the APTA and the Private Practice Section can help to make this dream become a reality.


VGM Advantage will be at the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) PPS conference November 7th. Come see us at Booth # 419 and learn more about how VGM Advantage can provide you with the support you need to Grow, Protect and help you to make your business Successful! We hope to see you there!




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